Fusionmint Awarded “Rising Star Award” 2017 By FinancesOnline.com

Fusionmint Awarded “Rising Star Award” 2017 By FinancesOnline.com

It gives us an immense pleasure to proudly share the first moment of rejoicing for Team Fusionmint with our users. Our Workflow Management Software has been bestowed with two prestigious awards by FinancesOnline.com for the year 2017.



FinancesOnline.com is a software review platform of high repute that has featured our product in a descriptive Fusionmint Review after a thorough evaluation of our product specifically focused on its features and the business solutions it provides.

After a comprehensive analysis of hundreds of Software Solutions by the highly devoted team of experts from FinanceOnline.com Fusionmint has explicitly been included in the list of top software solutions under 3 major categories

1. Among top 20 Workflow Management Software Products

2. Among top 200 Collaboration Software products

3. Among top 200 Project Management Software products

According to FinanceOnline experts, Fusionmint is a one-stop business solution that helps you grow your business and increase your value exponentially by enabling you to create customized business applications that automate and streamline your processes, enhance workflow accuracy, and improve overall productivity per individual and team. What they really appreciated was the flexibility of our optimization software that makes it applicable to multiple areas of a business including Project Management, Document Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, and more.

The review specifically mentions that with Fusionmint, managing your work becomes a walk in the park and your paperwork is greatly reduced and transitioning from traditional business setup to an online environment is quick and friction-free. They appreciated the integrations that Fusionmint provides with leading business applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and QuickBooks etc.

As mentioned in the review, Fusionmint allows a better task management among teams and provides granular access control to hide critical aspects of your business to secure your data. Unlike many workflow automation software,  Fusionmint has inbuilt email campaign builder and email campaign analytics for better lead conversion. It has automated email marketing and auto-responder to keep inactive clients engaged.

The Experts made a special emphasis on our ability to fulfill the diverse needs of a business and get customized accordingly. They agreed that with all those features on a single platform Fusionmint is reasonably priced as compared to other well-publicised applications and eliminates the need to purchase any third-party software that makes it quite affordable.

The Review Experts highlighted that Fusionmint does everything from

1- Project Management

2- Document Management

3- Sales and Marketing

4- Human Resource

5- Business Process Automation

where you can choose the application as per your business requirement. So if you are looking for a complete solution for your business then ask your teams to try Fusionmint for a 30-day Trial period and we assure you a personalized online assistance. See for yourself how you can automate your workflow and grow your business much faster.

Alongside being highlighted as a top workflow management software performer, Fusionmint was also discussed on the list of most popular workflow management products to consider in 2017.

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