Fusionmint – A New Beginning

Fusionmint – A New Beginning


We are excited to announce the launch of our new Fusionmint platform. This new product is based on our learnings over the past three years, discussions with our customers about their needs and how it’s still not easy for them to manage their business.

What is our Background Story?

We were previously working in partnership with a well-established firm(name not mentioned specifically) with only Email Automation as our field of expertise. However working with them for over 2 years made us realize that we were struggling for flexibility and were unable to extend a full support to the customers. This reason compelled us to think out of the box and come up with our own Business Software.

What Triggered us to develop a New Product?

Based on our experience with the previous product with our partner and conversations with our customers we realized that the software was too generic and lacked regular updates that are crucial for any software to survive and support the needs of their customers. We knew that there was a dire need of a software that lets you manage and organize your business efficiently and save your time to concentrate on more crucial matters of your business. So we decided to come up with a one-stop business solution that solves all your business problems.

What are the Product Features?

Essentially, Fusionmint is a platform with four core products rolled into one, and all of them are tightly integrated to each other.

1- Create

Create let’s you design your apps based on your unique business needs. Whether you are designing firm working on client projects, education services company, or a sales & marketing business, you can create your own custom apps with a wide range of custom fields. This gives you so much power to your business that you can convert practically any offline business activity to an online app and take advantage of the platform to grow your business.

With features like App Builder to create apps, Form Designer to design your app field layout and group them into sections help you design better apps. Role based access control and granular access controls to manage data and field access and visibility by roles, let you easily control access to your confidential data. This is essential if you are collaborating with external partners and contractors and you want them to have limited access to your data.

You can learn more about ‘Create’ here https://fusionmint.com/product/create

2- Connect

Connect is the integration platform that enables connectivity of your custom apps with other SAAS (software as service) apps that you use to run your business. Right now we have integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox with more integrations coming soon. Our idea and vision behind “Connect” is to bring in more context to your apps and enhance the power of your custom apps and compliment them with other SAAS apps.

Say for example you are a design firm and want to share a set of designs with your customers. With Fusionmint, you can create a “Design” app and connect it with Google Drive and setup folder rules. Now, whenever you start a new Design, you get a custom folder structure for each design and both you and your customers can upload files in these folders. You can share the design and related files with your customers and you also get an automated sync/backup of the design in your Google Drive. With Google Drive, you get offline sync and editing capabilities so you can do offline work and as soon as you are online, all your changes are synced to Fusionmint and shared with your customers.

You can learn more about ‘Connect’ here https://fusionmint.com/product/connect

3- Collaborate

Collaborate has tools like Task Management and Calendar to improve teamwork and collaboration to help you work better in a team.

Task, Sub-Tasks and task multi-assignment are powerful features to break up a complex project, to make project management easier. This comes with Task dashboard, progress charts, filters, and task views, that makes it easy to keep track of a large project and identify critical tasks that need immediate attention.

With Calendar, you can manage your schedule and appointments to manage your work.

You can learn more about ‘Collaborate’ here https://fusionmint.com/product/collaborate

4- Automate

Automate is our “Workflow Automation” feature that powers your custom apps. It’s an easy and a very powerful way to do things you would otherwise do manually.

Here are some of the things you can do with Automate:

  • Print PDF invoices for your customers and automatically email them at end of the month
  • Save files, PDF and other content automatically to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Backup your app data in Excel Spreadsheet and save it in Google Drive or send to your team by email attachment
  • Perform complex calculations to app and sending email notifications at specific date triggers
  • Create tasks automatically whenever a new item is created
  • Create new items automatically for an app based on another app trigger

You can learn more about ‘Automate’ here https://fusionmint.com/product/automate

What are the Business Solutions the Product Offers?

Fusionmint is a Business Management Platform that lets you organize and manage your business on “One-Single-Platform”. You can manage projects, manage documents, automate tasks and automate your email communication. You can effectively communicate with customers to engage them better. You can track your team’s progress and receive daily updates from your dashboard. It does everything from

  1. Project Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Sales and Marketing Automation
  4. Human Resource Management

It provides G Suite Integration with Gmail, Google Drive and Google forms and sheets. It lets you automatically import data into your apps from Excel spreadsheets in Google Drive and Dropbox at regular intervals. This helps in keeping all your data synchronized inside Fusionmint and maintain a single source of all your business data.

What makes us “unique”?

The product offers features that make Fusionmint stand out distinctively in the market. It provides everything on a single platform with

  1. Better Task Management for Teams
  2. Custom Application Builder
  3. Dashboard and Reporting
  4. Workflow Automation
  5. Application Integration
  6. Email Marketing and Auto-Responder
  7. Granular Access Control

For a better comparison with the existing software’s click:  https://fusionmint.com/product

  • We provide a Personalized Free Demo to get started.
  • Free 24 X 7 Customer Support Online/Phone
  • You can have an Online/Offline Access as per your convenience

So when you find yourself struggling with loads of paperwork, handling contact details,  sending emails, coordinating among teams and handling contract and deal details do try fusionmint for absolute no paperwork, hassle-free management of the entire business process, seamless integration of apps and assured growth. It is customizable, simple, versatile and flexible to do everything in real-time.

Fusionmint ensures increased productivity and assured growth. So stay connected, organized and profitable with us.

We would really love your feedback on our new release and are excited to bring you onboard on our new journey. Feel free to add your comments below.

My first love has always been helping businesses, both large and small, adopt latest technologies and helping them grow and stay competitive.